Hadi Salehi

„Art is the place“ Agency is proud to be representing and assisting fine artist Hadi Salehi in Europe.

For all inquiries from collectors, museums and art galleries about a detailed look into his vast body of work, please contact us under: hello@artistheplace.com


The gaze of Los Angeles based photographer and fine artist Hadi Salehi is characterized by different shapes, shades, lines, colors in two dimensional layers. They tell stories in broken narratives and capture the mode of the space.

Hadi Salehi works with deconstruction and construction process of analog photography, by sourcing various layers of mixed media, such as rice paper, letters, analog film and writting to create form and illusion of the story.

After all photography is a combination of science and art. With layers each image is unique and constructed to obtain a certain color.

Hadi Salehi’s Art Work is inspired by the deep rooted Persian poetry and philosophy namely by Rumi and Ahmad Shamlou.

Hadi Salehi decribing his image making process in creating the photo series „Layers of consciousness“

„I always love to go FORWARD with my medium which is image making with photography as main CHUTNEY. I am still an analog photographer when it comes to capture. Yes I make digital files. Love digital in the Other end. LAYERS are put tohether to create color, elusion and to move the BRAIN cells, because, in two dimesional SPACE, Story telling is my ATTENTION. I am a shahman in spirit as life of an IMAGE MAKER. I make statements through my COLORS which arises within me. Love medium of ANALOG photography, because film STILL is SEXY.“

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KEITH HARING on Super 8mm by Hadi Salehi