European premiere of Los Angeles based photographer Hadi Salehi @ Neue Galerie Berlin

5th of February-20th April 2016

“Art is the place” Agency was proud to organize Hadi Salehi’s first exhibition of analog photography in Berlin, Germany. Curating and organizing of „Layers of Consciousness“ at Neue Galerie Berlin was the first project of our art agency and the first time Hadi Salehi’s work was unveiled to a European art audience. The exhibited body of work by photographer and fine artist Hadi Salehi is characterized by using various layers of mixed media such as letters, rice paper, analog film and writing in order to allude to the narrative he wants to tell.

Our agency was pleased to win over photographer Corinna Rosteck for an artist interview with Hadi Salehi at Neue Galerie Berlin on March 22th 2016.

Hadi Salehi was able to connect directly with the audience and explain his personal motivation and working techniques as they relate to his image making process for the exhibited series Layers of Consciousness.

The event was a unique possibility for local art enthusiasts to get to know the great personality of this fine artist from Los Angeles, California.