About Us

“Art is the place” is a young art agency. Established in the autumn of 2015 in Berlin, we represent artists and curate their work. The agency foundation was informed by our desire to continuously reinvent ourselves personally, carve out new paths in life, and find a passion.

Who we are

We believe that at the beginning of the 21st century our generation has to bring something new to the field of art and society. Our work is deeply influenced by our hybrid multiethnic identity born and raised in Germany. We locate ourself as People of Color within the western society.

Artistic philosophy

“Art is the place” has the aim to promote and give a platform for emancipatory and empowering art through the medium of photography, painting and various other forms of creativity. We believe that in the current space of time art can be a way to capture new forms of imagination, motivate the individual in the present and provide a path to the future.

We decided that it is time to give artists the platform to start telling their own stories through their preferred medium. We deeply believe that currently many people all around the world are independently working, expressing and developing art towards this same goal. We want to be part of this convergence of global synergies. We see our work as a greater movement in art, as a unifying rather than dividing experience.

We see our work as a political and cultural approach against the western mechanism of appropiation of non-western art and knowledge. Giving voice and empower ourself from mainstream discourses on culture and art.

What we do

Art is the place has the goal to grow with our artist and be a platform for their creative expression.

We are curating art events and produce art exhibitions independently or in close cooperation with galleries and art institutions throughout Germany and Europe. Our network in the art scene in Berlin and Europe is constantly growing. Our work and professional outreach focuses on sociocultural topics that we want to bring awareness too.