Humbling of Modernity exhibition featured by Contemporary AND (C&)

Contemporary And (C&) has featured our exhibition „Humbling of Modernity- Non western cosmologies“ at Kunstquartier Bethanien (more…)


Photographer Hadi Salehi Super 8mm video of Keith Haring Mural @ Art Center

In 1989 Hadi Salehi captured  footage of Keith Haring painting the mural at the Hillside Campus in 1989. Photohraphy alumuns and former faculty member Hadi Salehi assisted Keith Haring, for 2 days while he was creating his mural at Art Center. With this film and a series of photographs Hadi Salehi preserved this special moment in Keith Harings’s art legacy. (more…)


Art Radar interview w/ Hadi Salehi

Art Radar catches up with Hadi Salehi to find out more about the artist’s early influences and his entry into American counterculture. Hadi Salehis multilayered “broken narratives” demand subtle and nuanced contemplation. (more…)