Rick Wade

Art is the place is proud to represent one of the true house music legends from Detroit.

At the beginning of the 90s the first house wave swept through the clubs of Chicago. In Detroit Rick Wade developed into one of the most prolific ambassadors of a new house deepness.  Together with Kenny Dixon Jr. alias Moodyman and Mike Huckaby, he  famously shaped Detroit deep house.

A decade later, during the deep house revival, Wade received the recognition he deserved for his pioneering releases. Rick Wade translated this new gained popularity into creativity and released seven albums and a countless number of remixes between 2004 and 2011. After a long preiod in the underground, he finally began to release tracks again in 2004 on labels such as Andy Vaz‘ Yore Records and Rushhour.

His Harmonie Park label is also flowering again, with Wade releasing new tracks and reissuing his vast  music catalog to a new generation of house music connaisseurs.

For now two decades long „big daddy Rick“ has turned out hundred of excellent tracks as one of the masters of deep house music. As a true house legend he has toured in Japan, Europe and the US.

We deeply admire his work and are eager to bring the experience of a Rick Wade DJ performance to clubs across Germany and Europe. A true house music enthusiast has to experience a live performance leaving you dancing all night long with an endlees vibe.

For all inquires please contact us under: hello@artistheplace.com